I wanted to write a small blog post to address some of the recent questions that I get asked (daily now haha!)

Statistics as of 12th March 2019

  • 7662 TidyLabs Account
  • 10,702 Clips Generated
  • ??? Hours Development (a lot)

Do you get paid to develop TidyLabs?

Answer:  No

You work for DLive, that includes TidyLabs?

Answer: No

What about TidyClips?

Answer: The same as TidyLabs 😃 - I do not get paid to develop either platform, but know how important they are for streamers and the overall DLive Community.

Why do you do something for free?

Answer: I made TidyLabs for our community.  The DLive community is amazing, kind, and something I am very proud to be part of.

TidyLabs started out as a small overlay on Steem, I used my own overlays for years and when I moved to DLive - people asked "Where can I get that?"

TidyLabs was born.

How can I support TidyLabs?

DLive has been kind enough to add a subscribe button to the TidyLabs channel over at:  https://dlive.tv/tidylabs

👍 Subscribe

This is not a forced subscription - you can continue to use TidyLabs for free, but all support is greatly appreciated.